We At That Time (2021)

We At That Time (2021)
Another name
最后的我们 ; The Last of Us , Zui Hou De Wo Men ;那時的我們
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Synopsis: Ye Ke and her high school friend Ji Zhixia reunited after a long absence. She is working hard to become an excellent female motorcycle racer. Ji Zhixia is about to start a new life with her fiance Zhong Yuan. Later, Xia ran away from home due to domestic violence, and was taken in by Ye Ke, Tang Xiao, Xiao Ran and Zhang Qiang. These young people live in harmony and love in the shared house. Ye Ke encountered a bottleneck in racing due to women’s physical fitness, but with the encouragement of everyone and through extraordinary efforts, she overcame the difficulties. With the help of her housemates, Zhixia gradually changed from weak to independent and self-reliant. After all the twists and turns of career, family, and life, everyone in the shared house realized their dreams.Also known as:最后的我们 ; The Last of Us , Zui Hou De Wo Men ;那時的我們