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Ohlala Couple


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In the year 1919, Independence activist Joo-Hwan (Shin Hyun-Joon) carries out a mission with the help of geisha Sayuri (Kim Jung-Eun). Their mission is to throw a hand grenade onto the Japanese governor, but their mission fails. Sayuri's spy activity is disclosed by the Japanese army and they come to arrest her. Sayuri asks for time. She then wishes that Joo-Hwan and herself will be born again as a married couple in their next life and proceeds to kill herself. Joo-Hwan runs to her room and grabs her body. Crying, he wishes that they will be born again and live as a married couple.In the year 2012, Joo-Hwan and Sayuri become Soo-Nam (Shin Hyun-Joon) and Yeo-Ok (Kim Jung-Eun), who have been married for the past 12 years. Soo-Nam works as a hotel manager. He's thoughtful and dedicated at work, but patriarchal at home.Yeo-Ok becomes tired of her husband, demanding mother-in-law, lazy sister-in-law and her son who is now defiant. Finally, she declares that she is going on a strike as a housewife. Yeo-Ok especially wants her husband to respect her. She then tells her mother-in-law that they will be moving out of her home.Yeo-Ok then goes to the apartment that they own and currently rent out. She plans to inform her tenant that they will be moving into the apartment. Unfortunately, no one is at the apartment to answer the door. Out of curiosity, Yeo-Ok tries her old security code and is able to enter the apartment. Yeo-Ok looks around to see the condition of the apartment. Suddenly, Yeo-Ok hears someone coming into the apartment and hides in the bathroom. She peeks out of the bathroom and sees her tenant Victoria (Han Chae-Ah) with a man. Yeo-Ok is then shocked to see that the man is her own husband Soo-Nam!. Soo-Nam and Victoria work at the same hotel and they are having an affair.
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