Trial Marriage (2021)

Trial Marriage (2021)
Another name
试婚99天 | Shi Hun 99 Tian | Love Together
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Synopsis: Out of commercial interests, the two leaders in the real estate industry, Gu Ling Se, the head of the Dingzhuang Group, and Ye Cheng Shu, the puppet president of the Future Group, decided to get engaged for 99 days. With the help of Gu Ling Se’s pursuer Quan Zi Mo, Ye Cheng Shu and Gu Ling Se kissed each other, and their relationship quickly warmed. However, because of repeated frame-ups and accidents, the two became separated, and the discouraged Gu Ling Se chose to leave. After learning the truth, Ye Cheng Shu began to look for his wife, and the battle for his wife was officially launched.Also known as:试婚99天 Shi Hun 99 Tian Love Together