The Secret of Love (2021)

The Secret of Love (2021)
Another name
不能恋爱的秘密 | Bu Neng Lian Ai De Mi Mi
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Plot Summary

Synopsis: Su Yi loses her memory after getting burnt in a fire accident. In the midst of searching for the truth and her memories, she meets Li Jiacheng, whom has countless ties to the incident. Li Jia Cheng is considered a steel person with cold personality, having been born into a family that values money and power andwithout warmth. His destiny has been arranged from birth, work hard on the set target and be the successor of the Li group.The two of them are at odds in the beginning, but gradually form a tactical partnership of equal footing. Su Yi challenges his outlook and beliefs and allows him to break through all obstacles in the path of true love.Also known as:不能恋爱的秘密 Bu Neng Lian Ai De Mi Mi