Sweet Teeth (2021)

Because of teeth straightening appointment, 28-year-old librarian Zeng Li got to know Ai Jing Chu, deputy director of the dental department. Slowly, they begin to fall in love after undergoing various adventures together. However, just when they were about to confess to each other, Zeng Li's first love with whom she has been waiting for ten years suddenly re-appeared in her life and begins pursuing Zeng Li. The person also happens to be Ai Jing Chu's good friend, Yu Yi. After reading Zeng Li's novel, Ai Jing Chu misunderstood that the person Zeng Li likes has always been Yu Yi, and gives up on confessing to her. He decides to head to Africa to carry out a medical assistance mission. After receiving Yu Yi's confession, Zeng Li realizes the person she has always loved is Ai Jing Chu and returns to Ai Jing Chu's side without hesitation. The two lovers finally became a couple. Adapted from the novel of the same name byMu Fusheng. Director: Derek Hui [许宏宇]
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