Sakura no Tou (2021)

Sakura no Tou (2021)
Another name
桜の塔 ; Cherry Blossom’s Tower , Sakura no To
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Synopsis: Kamijo Ren is the director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Liaison Division. His father is a former police officer. An incident in Ren’s childhood triggered his thirst for power and he has his sights set on heading the police force by becoming its Superintendent General someday. Ren believes topping the faction that he belongs to is the shortcut to fulfilling his aspiration. He is driven by ambition and has no qualms carrying out work, no matter how dirty it is. His childhood friend Mizuki Sawa, a senior detective in the First Investigation Division, often opposes his stance and mindset as a detective but is the only one who knows about his past.Also known as:桜の塔 ; Cherry Blossom’s Tower , Sakura no To