Navillera (2021)

Navillera (2021)
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Synopsis: The drama follows Duk Chol, who starts ballet at the age of 70, and 23-year-old ballerino Chae Rok, who gets lost in pursuit of his dream.Sim Dok Chul (Park In Hwan) is a retired postman whose deeply hidden dream of becoming a ballet dancer resurfaces at an old age. He makes a serious decision to finally fulfill his dream.Lee Chae Rok (Song Kang) started ballet late, but has an extraordinary talent. Chae Rok has never thought about anything other than soccer, but after coincidentally watching a ballet performance, for the first time, he feels something he cannot describe in words. Dok Chul appears in his life to completely change it.He Nam (Na Moon Hee) is Dok Chol’s wife who takes care of the lives of her grown children. She wants to live in peace without becoming a burden to them.Eun Ho (Hong Seung Hee) is Dok Chol’s granddaughter. After meeting Chae Rok, she starts all over again to find happiness and fulfill her dreams.Based on the eponymous webtoon.Also known as: 나빌레라 Nabilera Navillera Like Butterfly Navillera: Like a Butterfly