Lucky With You (2021)

Lucky With You (2021)
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Synopsis: On their seventh wedding anniversary, Wu Yi finds her husband cheating and files for divorce. All the property went to her ex-husband, and he was awarded custody of their child. Wu Yi plans to fight the custodial order, but she needs a job first. Once an excellent Taekwondoin, she’s hired by a security company to train to become a professional bodyguard. Her first assignment involves the guarding of the wealthy and handsome Hou Jue “Marquis” on a 24/7 basis. His cruelty has earned him many enemies, yet he will help Yi get her child back.Director: Liu Xue Song [刘雪松]Also known as: 三生有幸遇上你 San Sheng You Xing Yu Shang Ni Meet You San Sheng Was Lucky to Meet You Three Lives Is Fortunate to Meet You