Kichijoji Losers (2022)

Kichijoji Losers (2022)
Another name
吉祥寺ルーザーズ | Kichijoji Ruzazu
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Synopsis: 6 people considered “losers” in life begin to live together in a mysterious share house.Abiko Satoshi is a high school teacher. His life went by smoothly, until a case changed his life.Oba Sakura is the chief editor of a fashion magazine. She is finalizing a divorce with her husband.Hata Manta is a retail employee involved with product demonstrations. He considers himself an entertainer, but he is not popular at all.Mochizuki Mai moved to Tokyo from Hakata. She works at a hostess bar.Kurumizawa Midori is a civil servant. She is diligent at her job, but she is in mired in debt due to her gambling addiction.Ikegami Ryuji worked at an advertising agency. He did his job very well, but he was dismissed from his job.Original Network: TV Tokyo;Paravi;Director: Kobayashi Yoshinori [小林義則], Sato Yuichi [佐藤祐市], Matsuki Tsukuru [松木創]Also known as:吉祥寺ルーザーズ Kichijoji Ruzazu