Kasai no Hito Special

Kasai no Hito Special
Another name
家栽の人 , かさいのひと , Family Court Judge
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Synopsis: Maezaki Family Court is located in a suburban city about an hour away from Tokyo by shinkansen. A newly appointed judge arrives at the court. This man is Kuwata Yoshio, the rumoured oddball who snubbed career advancement after turning down a transfer to Tokyo due to his attachment to the family court. On the day that Kuwata takes up his new post, he shows up carrying a huge plant on his back. Higuchi Hinako, a legal apprentice who wants to become a lawyer, and the probation officers are astounded. Kuwata says he happened to pass by a garden where trees were being felled and he decided to take this plant because he felt sorry for it. He immediately starts to plant the tree in the small garden within the court’s compound while everyone watches him in a daze.~~ Original Work: Kasai no Hito by Mouri JinpachiAlso known as:家栽の人 , かさいのひと , Family Court Judge